Is it time to upgrade your Schaumburg, IL furnace? Today’s quality heating systems are packed with advanced energy-efficient features. Here’s what you can expect by way of bells and whistles:

Modulating Burner

Single stage furnaces deliver periodic blasts of hot air and then turn off. Furnaces with multi-stage or modulating burners constantly match heating output with demand. After cycling on and reaching the desired temperature, these burners maintain that temperature by performing at a reduced capacity. It takes less energy for a furnace to stay on than to turn on. Your power bills will prove it.

Variable-speed Blower Motor

Like multi-stage furnaces, variable-speed blowers adjust output according to need. These blowers distribute heat evenly throughout a house and reduce hot and cold spots. Longer and slower running times cause indoor air to be constantly circulated through the filter. That results in improved indoor air quality.

Sealed Combustion Chamber

Furnaces of yore had open combustion chambers. They used the surrounding air to ignite and burn fuel. Today’s furnaces have sealed combustion chambers that draw air through a PVC pipe that leads outside. These furnaces have greater energy efficiency, and they’re safer to use, too.

Electronic Ignition

This feature eliminates the need for a pilot light. Instead, the system uses a hot surface or sparks to ignite the burners. Utility bills go down because fuel is no longer being wasted on a burning pilot.

Greater Energy Efficiency

The annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) is higher for furnaces with high-efficiency qualities. New furnaces without these aspects are more efficient as well. That’s because advanced features are constantly being applied to new heating products as they come to market.

Explore all the latest furnace technologies and quality heating systems. Visit Ray’s HVAC, or call us directly to learn more.

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