You might not think of commercial HVAC maintenance as essential to keeping your Schaumburg, IL business running smoothly, but it is a crucial component of your business’s success. Ask any heating and cooling expert, and they’ll agree that routine maintenance saves money and lowers operating costs.

Regular Commercial HVAC Maintenance Helps You Find Problems Early

Emergency HVAC repairs aren’t only expensive; they slow your business’s productivity. When you have climate control issues in your building, your employees can’t do their jobs as effectively, and it affects any products made or stored. Commercial maintenance agreement programs include diagnostic services, regular maintenance, and prompt repairs. Early repairs keep your building’s HVAC equipment in tip-top shape, ensuring its longevity and peak performance.

Heating and Cooling Maintenance Helps Preserve Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Many business owners aren’t aware of how poor their buildings’ indoor air quality (IAQ) is and how it’s affecting their business’s bottom line. All you have to do is read any of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) reports on indoor air pollution to know that indoor contaminants are a serious problem. When IAQ levels are dismal, businesses can expect their employees to be sicker and take more sick days.

Fortunately, commercial HVAC maintenance helps mitigate these issues. By keeping HVAC equipment running its best, heating and cooling experts keep your employees healthier. Some of the commercial maintenance services that keep indoor air healthier include:

  • Annual system inspections
  • Regular filter changes
  • Coil cleanings

Using disinfectant and descaling solutions, the cleaning services provided by HVAC experts minimize the chances of harmful bacteria like Legionella and other forms of organic growth developing on the equipment and, thus, getting distributed through the building.

How Often Is Commercial HVAC Service Recommended?

Several factors contribute to how often you’ll need commercial HVAC services. It’s wise for any business to invest in seasonal maintenance for their HVAC equipment. If your equipment is older or your business has specific concerns, you might need additional repairs or upgrades. For more information about Ray’s HVAC’s commercial HVAC maintenance services, check out our commercial services online or call us!

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