A properly functioning heating system should operate quietly during each heating cycle. You should only hear the system click when it turns on and the whir of the fan as the blower pushes the warmed air into your living space. If you hear any of the following heating system noises in your Schaumburg, IL, home, you may need professional HVAC repairs.


A buzzing sound usually indicates an electrical problem. In an electric furnace or a heat pump, the buzzing suggests that the unit is drawing too much current. The capacitor or fan are the usual suspects when it comes to buzzing sounds. If you hear any buzzing sound during a heating cycle, your furnace or heat pump needs professional attention.

Vibrating or Banging

If you hear a whomp, whomp, whomp sound, your heating system’s motor may be off-balance. It’s also possible that some debris has fallen into the outdoor unit of the heat pump. Each time the fan blades turn, they hit the debris. Banging noises in a gas furnace could come from a buildup of gas in the combustion chamber. This is a serious safety issue that needs to be addressed. Any vibrations or banging sounds need to be checked out by a skilled heating technician.


Squealing sounds often result from a loss of lubricant. A belt could also be worn or loose. There could also be a problem with the unit’s indoor coil. According to Energy Star, loud noises like squealing suggest that a malfunction is imminent.


A hissing sound usually results from a leak. In a heat pump, hissing could result from a refrigerant leak in the indoor or outdoor coil. If you hear hissing from a gas furnace, it could have a gas leak. These heating system noises require urgent professional HVAC repairs.

To learn more about unusual heating system noises, take a look at Ray’s HVAC’s professional HVAC repairs, or get in touch with us today.

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