As warmer weather approaches, your focus may be directed toward outdoor activities in Schaumburg and other Illinois communities. However, home comfort is an important focus during this transitional time as well. Preventive AC service is a priority to ensure that your HVAC system is ready for any unexpectedly hot and humid days during the spring and summer months. While July is the warmest month in the area, record highs have approached 100 degrees as early as May.

The Value of Preventive Air Conditioning Service

A maintenance visit prior to the need to operate your AC can minimize your risk of dealing with air conditioning repair later in the cooling season. There are several benefits related to this preventive care, including:

  • Thorough system inspection – any worn parts or other serious issues can be identified and addressed before seasonal system use is necessary, ensuring that you begin your cooling season with reliable equipment.
  • Cleaning of coils and drainage system – dirty coils can increase your energy demands by 20 percent or more. Meanwhile, a dirty drain pan or drain line can result in an unexpected overflow of water during humid periods. A tune-up ensures that these components of your system are clean and functional.
  • Indoor air quality improvement – clean system parts reduce the potential for mold growth in your air handler, especially during periods that may entail daytime cooling activity and night heating activity.

Although air conditioning activity represents only 2 percent of the average residential energy budget in the Illinois home, regular maintenance can help to keep your household’s energy costs to a minimum during warmer weather.

Dealing with Urgent Air Conditioning Repair

Although preventive care can limit your potential for system problems, repair issues are still possible, especially with aging equipment. Ray’s HVAC is available to assist with emergency air conditioning repair 24/7 throughout the season. Learn more about our air conditioning solutions online, or contact our Schaumburg office at 847-637-5287 to schedule an appointment.

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