If your air conditioner is blowing foul air into your Schaumburg home, it’s not normal and it’s time to summon a professional for AC repairs. Here are some unpleasant odors you might encounter, and here’s what might be causing them:

Musty Aroma

If you smell something musty that’s similar to stinky socks, microbes may be growing in your system. Organic growth can be caused by a variety of AC problems:

  • Blocked condensate line. A clogged drainage pipe can cause water to collect in the drain pan. Standing water can quickly develop microbial growth including algae and bacteria.
  • Contaminated ductwork. Warm and moist conditions in ductwork can foster the growth of microbes. These conditions can be caused by leaky ducts, high indoor humidity, or by microbes that have spread to your ducts from somewhere else.
  • Organic growth on your cooling coils. Warm and moist air passing over dirty cooling coils creates an ideal environment for microbes. The growth can cause poor airflow and ice on the coils.

Burning Odor

Burning smells can indicate that the AC motor is overheating or there could be a problem with the wiring. If you smell gun powder, it could be a short in the fan motor or in the AC circuit board.

Rotten Eggs

The smell of rotten eggs or skunk spray can mean a gas leak or a ruptured sewer line near your ductwork. It could also be caused by melting plastic components in your AC system or by a dead animal inside your ducts.

The technical experts at Ray’s HVAC can trace nasty odors to the source. When the problem is identified, we’ll implement an effective solution. Call us at (847) 637-5287 for for 24/7 emergency AC repairs.

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