According to the U.S. Department of Energy, certain smart AC practices can help you save 20-50 percent on home cooling costs. The more actions you take, the more you can save. That’s why knowledge is power in the day-to-day handling of your air conditioning system.

Smart AC Practices that Help You Stay Cooler While Saving Money

The following are some smart moves you can make to increase system efficiency while maximizing comfort:

  • Clean or replace your system’s air filter regularly.
  • Use ceiling fans, and be sure they rotate counter-clockwise in summer.
  • Invest in a programmable thermostat and use it to make the most of your family’s schedule.
  • Keep window coverings closed in summer and/or install energy-efficient windows.
  • Use fans or natural ventilation to cool your home whenever possible.
  • Install the right size air conditioner for your space to adequately control humidity.
  • Consider upgrading your older AC system.
  • Make regular AC maintenance a priority.

Regular AC Maintenance Makes Your System More Efficient

Air conditioning maintenance is easy to ignore when everything is going smoothly. Yet, it really is a must for more consistent comfort, cost-effective system operation and equipment longevity. The best rule of thumb is not to wait until your system begins showing signs of strain or exhibiting a need for repair. Having it tuned up on a regular basis will help keep it functioning at maximum efficiency, keeping you cooler while lowering your monthly utility costs. Regular system checks can also catch developing problems early—before they become major issues requiring more costly repairs. This can include potential safety concerns.

Air Conditioning Services & Advice for Smarter Cooling

Doing everything you can to maximize your system’s efficiency will give you a sense of power over your environment. And knowing you have a qualified HVAC company standing by to help will give you even greater confidence in your ability to properly care for your system. Visit our AC services page for further information, or call 847-637-5287 to speak with one of our AC experts. At Ray’s HVAC, our goal is to offer our Schaumburg area neighbors comfort they can count on all year long.

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