Humidity can make you feel sticky and uncomfortable. Even on cool days, you can feel lethargic because of the thick, moist air. However, humidity affects so much more than your comfort level. Consider these other impacts of moisture in your Palatine, IL home.

Bacteria and Other Microbes Grow Easily

You may notice organic growth in your bathroom if you take hot showers and leave the door closed for a long time after. This is because the warm, humid air makes it easy for these microbes to grow. However, they can quickly spread across your home if there are high humidity levels. This can worsen your allergies and asthma while causing serious health problems.

Humidity Creates Heightened Allergy Symptoms

Not only will humidity create more organic growth, triggering asthma, it can also worsen your allergy symptoms. Dust mites, the number one cause of allergies according to the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, thrive in high humidity homes. You will have a harder time removing existing allergens while more allergens keep growing.

Hardwood Wears and Warps

Moisture is an enemy of your hardwood floors. Over time, humidity can cause the wood in your home to expand and warp as it expands. There is a reason museums work so hard to control the humidity levels: they want to protect the artifacts on display from moisture.

Humidity Makes Your Body Work Harder

Humid environments can make you feel uncomfortably warm, triggering your body’s sweat glands. Sweating naturally cools your body, but also adds moisture to the already humid environment. As a result, your body starts to overheat, even if you’re not necessarily hot. This is why you start sweating in a humid environment, even on a cool day.

HVAC systems work to control humidity levels along with the temperature in your home, but sometimes need a little help. A whole home dehumidifier could be the solution you need. If your home is too humid to bear, call Ray’s HVAC at (847) 637-5287 today.

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