Schaumburg winter heating costs can be enormous. You want indoor comfort, but fuel is expensive. Annual furnace maintenance is the antidote to high utility bills. It keeps your heating system strong and healthy, and it keeps your home safe. Here’s the kind of ROI you can expect:

Prevents Those Dreaded Winter Breakdowns

Heating systems are most prone to breakdown when the weather is at its worst. That is when your furnace is really put to the test. If you give the unit a tune-up before the weather gets severe, the odds of an unexpected breakdown are only five percent.

During maintenance, a qualified service technician will perform an in-depth inspection to detect any weak points or potential vulnerabilities. If anything is found, it can be resolved on the spot and prevent the situation from escalating.

Boosts Energy Efficiency and Saves Money

Besides consuming more fuel, dirty furnaces lose the ability to effectively heat your home. Annual furnace maintenance restores your heating system to a nearly new condition. Every bit of accumulated grungy buildup is removed inside and out.

Many homeowners do not realize how much a layer of grit can harm the unit and impair efficient performance. A dirty filter alone can disable or destroy a furnace. After a cleaning, furnace efficiency can improve by up to 30 percent.

Ensures Safe Operation

Although most furnaces have built-in safety mechanisms, carbon monoxide leaks can still occur. Overly stressed furnace coils can cause the heat exchanger to crack and emit CO. Leaks can also be caused by a dirty furnace that’s not operating efficiently.

Chronically dirty furnaces can develop clogged vents or burners that are full of carbon soot and debris. Instead of being safely vented out of the system, a malfunctioning furnace can redirect CO back into your home. CO alarms are not a replacement for furnace maintenance.

Take advantage furnace maintenance perks by scheduling a tune-up with a qualified service technician from Ray’s HVAC. Call us today to learn more.

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