Is the air in your commercial establishment safe to breathe? Studies have shown that more often than not, indoor air is significantly more polluted than the air outdoors. Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) isn’t just harmful to human health. It’s bad for business too. Find out how the right indoor air quality improvements can help you improve your bottom line in Palatine, IL.

A Healthier Workplace

Allergens, bacteria, and viruses are just some of the biological contaminants that circulate through the average indoor work environment. Reducing the number of airborne pollutants in your business helps keep your staff healthy. Fewer absences and lower health care costs also lower your operating expenses. In most cases, the financial benefits outweigh the cost of indoor air quality improvements.

Improved Work Performance

Research has found that keeping commercial environments healthy and comfortable increases productivity. It may even make your employees smarter. One scientific study zeroed in on how volatile organic compounds (VOCs) affect decision-making performance. Sources for these common indoor pollutants range from cleaning supplies to copiers and printers. Test scores in decision-making rose around 60% higher after installing products that resulted in a significant reduction of harmful VOCs.

Explore Your IAQ Options

As your local commercial HVAC experts, we offer a comprehensive collection of indoor air quality improvements. Options range from air cleaners and dehumidifiers to air purification systems. For a cost-effective solution to indoor pollution, ask about our ultra-efficient ventilation systems. Our energy recovery ventilators systems use energy captured by outgoing air to bring fresh, pre-filtered air into your building. We also provide the preventive maintenance services needed to reduce the source of indoor pollutants, including frequent filter changes.

For more information about our IAQ products and services, call Ray’s HVAC today. Our highly qualified HVAC technicians are readily available to help you choose the indoor air quality improvements that best suit your unique needs.

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