Your business’s heating system plays a key role during frigid winter months here in New Paris, IN. It goes into overdrive to keep not only your customers but also your staff warm. Unlike residential units, business units usually have a lot more square footage to heat. As a result, commercial heating repairs are much more common, especially when a heating system isn’t running properly. Here are a few signs that your business’s heating system isn’t up to standard.

Frequent Cycling On and Off or Constant Running

When a heating system is working at full capacity, it can accurately heat your place of business. It doesn’t have to constantly cycle on and off. If it does, there could be a problem with the thermostat, but the issue is more likely to be an underperforming unit. Likewise, if your unit stays on all the time, it means that it’s struggling to heat your building. This issue is common when the unit is too small or is getting old.

Sky-High Energy Bills

Energy bills can differ from month to month, but you can probably ballpark what yours should be. Have you noticed a huge increase in your energy bill compared to previous years? Does this increase happen more during the winter? If so, you likely have an underperforming heating system. When a unit reaches the end of its life, its ability to heat your business space diminishes greatly.

Strange Noises

Odd noises that aren’t typical of your heating system are another telltale sign that it isn’t performing to the best of its ability. Some business owners ignore the sounds. However, these noises don’t just mean that your unit isn’t performing correctly. They might also indicate that it’s on its last leg.

Let Ray’s HVAC Manage Your Commercial Heating Repairs

During the winter, your commercial heating unit is the lifeblood of your company. Make sure that it’s up to the task by hiring a qualified service technician for an inspection. At Ray’s HVAC, we take immense pride in offering the best commercial heating repairs, inspections, and installation services. Reach out to us today to learn more about all of the heating and cooling services that we offer.

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