Experienced Schaumburg, IL heating and AC professionals understand the difference between commercial and residential HVAC services. The comfort needs of a home are not the same as those of a workplace. Here are some reasons why commercial HVAC services should only be performed by service technicians with the proper skills and knowledge

System Size

The larger the space, the more heating and cooling power you’ll need to maintain a comfortable environment. Commercial systems are larger than residential systems with components that are more complex.

Equipment Location

Commercial systems are typically installed on rooftops to conserve space and reduce noise pollution. The outdoor location allows your technician to perform HVAC maintenance, repairs, and installations without interrupting your business.

System Adaptability

Commercial settings require HVAC systems that are highly adaptable. Commercial buildings can have temperature and humidity requirements that vary from one room to the next. These requirements can also vary from one day to another.

Drainage Requirements

Residential HVAC drainage systems typically involve a drainage pipe and a drip pan. A commercial system can have multiple pipes and pans to ensure thorough drainage and to prevent moisture backup or overflow.

Modular Components

Residential HVAC systems usually have one indoor and one outdoor component. Commercial systems have modular components that are all commonly housed together in one place. Modules allow the system to be modified and expanded in response to changes in the environment.

Customized Equipment

The comfort needs of a home are usually straightforward and consistent. Commercial buildings can have multiple and divergent comfort needs. HVAC systems must be configured to address the specific and unique concerns of each situation.

The NATE-certified service technicians at Ray’s HVAC, have what it takes to repair, install, and service your commercial HVAC systems. Call our helpful staff today to learn more.

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