In many newer homes, an air conditioner or HVAC system already exists.  However, if you purchase a home or happen to live in an older home without central air conditioning, you will find that your home can’t easily be adapted to have modern HVAC. Ductless mini-splits are an option that can save you an expensive renovation.

HVAC Installation in an Existing Home

While air conditioners may typically be out of sight and out of mind, the truth is that they take up a lot of space. This includes

  • Space in your ceilings and walls for ducts
  • Space in a utility closet or garage for the blower unit
  • Space outside for the compressor unit

If your home doesn’t already have a central HVAC, it may simply be impossible to make room for one. Even if you do have an existing air conditioning system, the need to upgrade your ductwork or change the location of either the indoor or outdoor units to meet modern building codes could leave you without room for a new air conditioner.

Using Ductless Air Conditioning to Cool Your Space

Ductless mini-splits provide an alternative solution that will fit in virtually every home. As the name suggests, there is no need to run ductwork. Instead, each room has an indoor unit that’s no bigger than a large painting. The indoor units are connected to a small outdoor unit through a narrow tube in the wall. But space isn’t the only thing you gain — traditional ductwork can leak up to 20 percent of the cooled air, and by eliminating this loss, you’ll see your summer electric bills drop.
To learn more about ductless air conditioning or AC installation, check out Ray’s HVAC Carrier ductless systems or call 847-637-5287.

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