Are you searching for indoor air quality solutions for healthier living in your Schaumburg, IL. Whole-home ventilators are the most effective indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions, helping you breathe easier in your home and reducing illness-causing bacteria in the air. Here’s how they work.

Whole-House Ventilator Basics

Whole-house ventilation systems do two main things: exhaust and supply. The systems remove stale air and replace it with fresh air using a network of ducts and multiple fans. Your home’s HVAC system does this, too, but not nearly as efficiently. The exchange rate is much better with a ventilator system.

When you decide to install a whole-house ventilation system, you have four types to choose from:

  • Exhaust ventilation systems: Better in colder climates where humidity isn’t an issue.
  • Supply ventilation systems: Ideal for warm climates with mild winters.
  • Balanced ventilation systems: Use a two-fan, two-vent system to exhaust stale air and supply fresh air
  • Energy recovery ventilation systems: Also called a heat recovery system, this is another type of balanced ventilation system.

If you’re looking for a solid, all-season whole-home ventilator that works best in a Midwest climate like the Chicagoland area, balanced and energy recovery ventilation systems are the best bet. But every home is different, so it’s a good idea to discuss your choices with ventilation and IAQ experts to determine how much ventilation your home needs.

How Ventilation Affects Your Home’s IAQ

You might ask: Is a ventilation system worth the cost? Well, the answer is: How much do you value clean air? The first thing you might notice when installing a whole-house ventilation system is the fresher indoor air. You might also notice relief from severe allergy symptoms or other respiratory problems because built-up pollutants don’t taint the air circulating through the home. Often, people report experiencing fewer colds and other illnesses because virus-causing contaminants don’t build up in the house.

If you’re interested in learning more about whole-home ventilators, call Ray’s HVAC to discuss all indoor air quality solutions for your home.

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