When your AC system breaks down, you’re typically left with one of two choices. You can either pay to have it professionally repaired, or you can purchase a completely new system. The challenge is to know which of the two options is best for you. Let’s take a closer look at some signs that might indicate if you need AC repair or AC replacement services.

Confirm the Age of Your AC System

The first question you should ask yourself is, “How old is my AC system?” If it’s over 10-15 years old, you would probably benefit more from AC replacement.

Not only do repair costs start to add up after this point in an HVAC system’s lifespan, but old AC units also aren’t as energy efficient as modern models. Old units often suck up two times the amount of energy as new units. As a result, you save more money if you simply replace your unit.

Consider the Repair Costs

There’s a tipping point where the cost of AC repair outweighs the cost of AC replacement. In general, most people believe that it’s cheaper to repair than to replace. However, most HVAC experts use the $5,000 rule.

If the cost to fix your unit is going to cost $5,000 or more, you’re better off replacing the unit. At that price point, you could upgrade to a new model for roughly the same price. Additionally, you will save more money on your energy bill.

Put Your Trust in Ray’s HVAC

Ray’s HVAC has been providing quality AC services for Schaumburg, Illinois, and the surrounding area since 1956. We always send a qualified service technician to cater to your HVAC needs.

Whether you need AC repair or replacement services, you can count on us. Our team of experts can even let you know which option is the best for you. Give us a call today to learn more about our other heating and cooling services.

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