Air conditioning maintenance is recommended on an annual basis to facilitate effective cooling activity during the summer months in Schaumburg, Il. One of the most important factors in reliable AC activity is an appropriate supply of refrigerant. With inadequate refrigerant, your equipment could work harder than necessary while providing poor comfort results. A leaky evaporator coil is one of the most common issues related to low refrigerant levels, which could require that new equipment is installed. However, a complete system update is not always necessary in this situation.

Dealing with a Leaky Evaporator Coil

There are many factors that could cause the deterioration or failure of your indoor evaporator unit, including direct damage caused by your own efforts to clean your coils. It is wise to allow a professional to handle your coil cleaning, which will often result in excellent savings on your utility bills. Poor workmanship at solder joints could lead to a major leak. Pinhole leaks can occur in the coils because of corrosion as moisture and metals interact in the air handler. The level of refrigerant loss may indicate the nature of the problem, and your HVAC technician will troubleshoot to find the exact cause.

Replacement Options and Issues

In some cases, an evaporator unit can be replaced without the need for a complete air conditioning system change. However, a new system might be appropriate if your AC performs poorly. Refrigerant regulations related to the Montreal Protocol could also impact your options, especially if your equipment uses Freon. If your system cannot be successfully retrofitted for an approved refrigerant, it may be time to invest in a new air conditioner.

Have a Professional Provide Relevant Solutions

Ray’s HVAC works to provide the latest information and system support to our Illinois customers. You can learn more about our AC services as you read online, or you can call our office at 847-637-5287 to schedule service or a consultation about new equipment.

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